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Turn Big Data into insight and action

As customers interact over an increasing number of channels, the need for multichannel analytics to gain insights from Big Data has become the top priority for chief marketing officers. Marketers are also challenged by the ineffectiveness of products that are either too limited in scope, require significant amounts of time, or consume too many resources. HP Digital Marketing Hub enables you to turn Big Data into insight-driven action by removing many of the challenges associated with digital marketing and advanced multichannel analytics. Our product helps you to create personalized experiences for customers based on deep insight into their cross-channel behavior.

Product features

  • Get a complete picture of the customer: Combine transactional data such as CRM, purchase history, web analytics, and email metrics with human-friendly data such as call logs, emails, social posts, and comments to get a holistic view of the customer using an intuitive dashboard.
  • Get real-time customer insight: Use advanced analytics to identify key customer segments and attributes for specific KPIs, all delivered in real time and without the need for technical expertise.
  • Leverage the HP HAVEn Big Data platform: Get superior analysis and insights on a massive scale combining any data source, structured or structured, in real time and in a secure environment.
  • Understand the entire customer journey: Turn disparate data from different channels into a single view of the customer, mapping relationships between channels to understand their influence on the customer journey.
  • Create multichannel personalized experiences: Instantly identify offer positioning and messaging that resonates for specific segments, and increase conversions by automatically creating multichannel experiences using similar content.
  • Improve your channel strategy: Apply advanced algorithms specifically geared towards digital marketing problems to optimize your channel strategy so you create the best customer journey for selected KPIs.


Put Big Data to work increasing conversions and marketing ROI - HP Digital Marketing Hub

Put Big Data to work increasing conversions and marketing ROI - HP Digital Marketing Hub
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Increase conversions with advanced, multichannel marketing analytics

Increase conversions with advanced, multichannel marketing analytics
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