Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Understand and leverage the social channel

Social media is a key channel for customer engagement and insight, but many marketers struggle with the sheer volume and complexity of social media interactions. With HP Explore, you can understand human-generated information in real time, to make sense of social media and turn it into a key source of advantage for your company. Marketers can now stay one step ahead of the game.

Solution Differentiators

  • Monitor all social networks at once: Get real-time insights from all popular social media networks all in one place, including comments, posts in blogs, and online reviews.
  • Pinpoint influencers and trendsetters: Discover key people and groups who influence specific topics and target them for better engagement.
  • Analyze sentiment and vibe: Determine the degree to which a sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for the entire interaction or a segment of the interaction.
  • Identify hot and breaking topics: Automatically detect burning topics across interactions with “hot” clusters. Be alerted to new areas of information or individual interests in real time with “breaking” clusters.
  • Turn social media into business: Instantly understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through social media, and prevailing sentiment, and adapt strategies in real time for better conversions.

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