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HP IDOL for Salesforce.com allows you to interact with SFDC content and leverage relevant information sources.

Get more from your Salesforce.com investment

HP IDOL for Salesforce.com (SFDC) amplifies your SFDC results and delivers bottom-line benefits to your sales community by enabling true engagement with all relevant information. Users can inquire, investigate, interact with, and improve their information by leveraging all relevant news flows, social media, CRM systems, and other data sources, along with Salesforce.com content and the Salesforce Chatter communities. The solution presents insights in context and ‘on-task’ within the Salesforce.com environment, allowing both directive and exploratory search to uncover hidden sales and marketing opportunities.

This custom solution is designed to meet your unique needs and can be deployed on premise or in the HP cloud.

Solution differentiators

  • Gain a 360-degree view of prospect/customer opportunities: Leverage HP IDOL to search across Salesforce, enterprise systems such as SharePoint, and external content such as social media.
  • Get the information you need: Quickly find what you need with search suggestions, spelling corrections, and conceptual categories.
  • Intelligently identify strategic collaboration and teaming opportunities: Automatically find related Salesforce.com Chatter communities and subject matter experts.
  • Discover hidden cross-sell and up-sell opportunities: Find conceptually related information across different information systems.
  • React quickly to pertinent customer news: Get automatic alerts relevant to your current activity (writing an email, creating a PowerPoint) without even being logged into SFDC.

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Transform your Salesforce.com experience with HP IDOL
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