HP Media Intelligence

Media Intelligence

Monitor and analyze all media in real time

With the wide range of broadcast and web-based media sources, it’s impossible to manually monitor and analyze all the information being generated. Language diversity and the speed of internet content production make it extremely challenging to effectively use this information. HP’s Media Intelligence solution allows automatic real-time monitoring of broadcast video and audio channels, internet news, and streaming video sites. Our solution leverages the IDOL platform to analyze, cluster, and conceptually search through video, audio, and text repositories to help you gain instant visibility of breaking stories, perform deep analysis necessary to identify security threats, and glean competitor moves—in virtually any format and language.

Solution Differentiators

  • Access all media sources in one place: Our enterprise-grade platform brings together all open media sources—TV, radio, web, social—to allow you to monitor and analyze information using a single user interface.
  • Monitor media 24 x7 in real-time: Monitor and react to events in real time without missing critical pieces of information across a wide range of media sources.
  • Perform intelligent analysis: Perform advanced analytics using HP IDOL, which allows you to derive a broad range of insights via audio analysis (speech-to-text, speaker identification), video analysis (key framing, key frame detection, face recognition, logo detection, and text recognition), and text analysis (clustering, segmentation, entity extraction).
  • Deliver comprehensive results: Flexible report production and delivery allows you to fit any vertical specific workflow, including video clips, images, and transcripts in reports.

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