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HP Healthcare Analytics unlocks actionable insights from clinical data

Changing population demographics and regulations are putting tremendous pressure on the healthcare industry to make significant improvements in care quality, cost management, organizational efficiency and compliance. To stay viable, it is paramount to effectively address issues such as misdiagnosis, coding error, over/under treatment, unnecessary procedures and medications, fraud, delayed diagnosis, lack of preventive screening and proactive health maintenance. To that end, better collaboration within the organization with improved information sharing, and a holistic approach to capture actionable insights across the organization are critical.

In an environment prevalent with disparate data silos and traditional analytics focused on structured data, healthcare organizations struggle to harness 90%* of their data, which is mostly unstructured free text found in clinical notes across multiple operational domains. This rich and rapidly growing data asset containing significant business intelligence is often left untapped.

The HP Healthcare Analytics, which analyzes and understands unstructured data in context, is designed to harness this untapped clinical data and unlock actionable insights. It helps to improve care quality by connecting healthcare workers directly with their data through self-service analytics; providing intelligence for reducing errors and unnecessary treatments; enabling better understanding of how delivery affects outcome; and uncovering insights for preventive measures to decrease the rate of avoidable diseases.

HP Healthcare Analytics delivers a robust and integrated set of core and healthcare industry specific capabilities:

Core capabilities:

  • Powered by HP IDOL, a proven search and analytics engine widely deployed in compliance centric industries including financial and legal for deriving concepts, patterns and relationships from unstructured data.
  • Robust data integration capabilities to standard healthcare information systems, in-house data warehouses and other related clinical, operational and financial data sources (400+ data connectors and support of 150+ data types).
  • Advanced security to safeguard data confidentially and enables HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare specific capabilities:

  • Integrated SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms) taxonomy system containing over 350K healthcare concepts and over 2M clinical terms.
  • Incorporates the ICD (International Classification for Disease) coding system that enables integration with industry standard health Information systems.
  • An industry specialized advanced interactive user interface to address healthcare related queries and generate actionable visually driven analytical reporting.

* JAMA viewpoint: The inevitable application of Big Data to healthcare, April 3, 2013.


Use Case: Enable rapid ROI on clinical data with the HP Healthcare Analytics platform

Use Case: Enable rapid ROI on clinical data with the HP Healthcare Analytics platform
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