ArcSight L7400X

ArcSight L7400X Logger is the first Universal Log Management solution that unifies searching, reporting, alerting and analysis across any type of enterprise log data, making it unique in its ability to collect, analyze and store massive amounts of data generated by modern networks. It supports multiple deployment options and can be deployed as an appliance and as software.

Specs Overview

  • Devices: 500
  • Max EPS: 5,000
  • Capacity: 42 TB
  • CPU: 2 x Intel E5620, quad core, 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 24GB
  • Storage: 6 x 1TB - RAID 5
  • Software Availability: Yes
  • Data Sheet


What It Does

ArcSight Logger collects information from any system that generates log data. It can process that information as much or as little as desired, and can produce ultra-fast searching across the data. As a result, organizations of any size can use this high performance log data repository to aid in faster forensic analysis of IT operations, application development, and cybersecurity issues, and to simultaneously address multiple regulations.

How It's Different

Until now, log analysis was asset-centric and organizations purchased one product for security and compliance reporting, a different product for IT operations search and yet another one for application development. Today, the questions that need to be answered through log analysis are increasingly user-centric and can span any and all infrastructure. Traditional log management tools cannot be expanded to analyze logs across the enterprise because they are limited by the type of sources; have restricted search/reporting capabilities and are not scalable. ArcSight Logger is a universal log management solution that can capture and analyze ALL enterprise log data to answer questions of individual teams and can easily be expanded into an enterprise-wide log management solution when needed.


  • Gain a single, accurate view of all your machine data from across IT and unified control over security, operations, governance, risk management, and compliance.
  • Eliminate the need for experts at every level of analysis. Each search automatically returns a chart showing the results in simple, understandable views.
  • Get compliance analytics through a simple dashboard to ensure continuous compliance.
  • Monitor continuously on the go with the all new mobile app.

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