Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Next Generation, Cloud+ Archiving Solution

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides improved manageability and lower, predictable cost of Cloud – without compromising security or functionality.

cloud email archiveProofpoint is an expert in offering a proven email archiving solution architected explicitly for the Cloud, featuring ultra-rapid parallel email search capabilities for Discovery, DoubleBlind Encryption™ as the industry's only email archiving solution to secure against hacking or legal challenges, and straightforward flat-fee pricing for unlimited storage. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is:

  • Better: Uniquely designed to address the challenges of complex archiving regulations and frequent, unpredictable legal Discovery
  • Cheaper: Low, predictable TCO, with a flat-fee pricing model, unlimited storage, and hands-off legacy data migration
  • Faster: Harnessing Cloud for unlimited scale and 10 times faster search and discovery

Moving to the Cloud? Proofpoint is the Expert.

Proofpoint has a proven email archiving solution built explicitly for the Cloud.

pp cloudMany organizations are struggling today with legacy on-premises email archives that are plagued with exploding cost and performance deterioration as data volume grows. Given the 44x growth in data storage predicted by IDC over the next 10 years, this is clearly not sustainable. Solutions that are simply hosted versions of the same architecture do not address the problem.

Unlike these costly and complex email archiving systems, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is client-proven to deliver scalability on demand. Proofpoint's grid storage architecture and parallel search technology ensures real-time search performance for all customers, regardless of how large the email archive grows or how complex the search performed. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive combines the benefits of on-premises email archives with the benefits of cloud scale to deliver a cost-saving solution without compromising functionality or security.

Unique Architecture for 10x Faster Search & Discovery

Proofpoint’s email archiving solution includes single-archive storage and Big Data based search for faster discovery, earlier assessment, and more efficient supervisory control.

bigdata seachAn email archive must address multiple user needs, including end user access, investigative and legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. All of these needs demand sustainably fast, secure access to information. Proofpoint delivers this by leveraging Cloud technologies to ensure that information is always available and instantly retrievable. Unlike anyone in the industry, Proofpoint backs this up with a Service Level Agreement. Get your data when you need it – without waiting for IT or risky manual data collections – to stay focused on critical tasks.

DoubleBlind Encryption™ for uncompromised data privacy

Proofpoint offers separation of data from encryption keys, delivering legal isolation and control.

db encryptionWhile many Cloud and hosted email solutions offer cost advantages and fewer hassles, none offer comparable security and data privacy protections as Proofpoint. Utilizing patented DoubleBlind Encryption™, only Proofpoint ensures that all data is always protected – with an encryption key that only the customer maintains. Your data is never in the clear, and since only you possess the encryption key, you control the decision of who can access your information.
This breakthrough approach for security and data privacy is critical for those managing complex regulatory requirements or frequent, disruptive legal discovery. Coupled with Proofpoint's core data security expertise and fully managed, SSAE-16 certified and FISMA compliant service operations, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive delivers to an unparalleled standard for complete data privacy and no-breach security.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with Zero Headaches

Proofpoint offers flat fee pricing and unlimited storage with rapid, hands off legacy data migration.

archive lowtocOrganizations enjoy the cost advantages and reduced IT hassles that come with Cloud, which have typically ranged from 40-60% over a four year period in comparison to legacy on-premise systems. But, Proofpoint goes farther. Our fully managed email archiving service delivers sustainably fast access to information now, and over time, as data volumes grow. This ensures that the email archive is always available, whether the need is driven by unpredictable discovery requests or regulatory inquiries, or simply ensuring that end users will always have access to important historical information. This produces efficiency and productivity gains, along with significant cost savings and risk reduction in comparison to manual, inefficient, and resource consuming methods of identifying and collecting information.

We do this with simple, flat fee pricing and unlimited storage and a hands-off legacy data migration approach that you can get to the Cloud - quickly, efficiently, and with minimized disruption to your business.

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