Messaging Architects

Simplify the complex world of email management by removing the need to deploy, integrate, and manage multiple third-party systems. Netmail consolidates email security and encryption, policy-based email archiving and discovery, and unlimited email storage into a single web-based administration console that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of our clients already experience the benefits of lower complexity, improved uptime, increased productivity, and very competitive pricing by using Netmail to manage their email systems. What are you waiting for?

Netmail Migrator

Email Migration for GroupWise, Exchange 2007/2010, & Office 365

Email migration solution that helps organizations reduce the time and cost of email platform migrations. Our easy-to-use migration tool seamlessly migrates email, tasks, notes, future and recurring calendar appointments, personal address books, and more, with no impact on end users. Its easy-to-use provisioning tool automates the process of moving thousands of users from one email platform to another, providing end users with uninterrupted access to email and calendaring during the migration.

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Netmail Archive

Policy-based Email Archiving and Discovery

Store, manage, and discover email messages, attachments, and more across your organization. With advanced search capabilities, Archive enables you to search through millions of email messages in response to legal discovery, regulatory compliance, requests for information, or policy enforcement in seconds.

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Netmail Secure

Email Security and Data Leak Prevention

Enforce email usage at the gateway, apply email usage policies, and flag and block inappropriate email messages and attachments. Secure scans all inbound and outbound content for spam and malware and prevents the transmission of sensitive content across your organization.

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Netmail Store

Unlimited Email Storage

Get unlimited storage for the rapidly-growing email archives and attachments in your organization. With built-in replication for disaster recovery as well as self-healing and self-managing properties, Store removes the need for you to back up your data. Ever.

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