IBM Content Collector

Today, companies and their information governance leaders are rapidly working to define programs and improve processes that enable defensible disposal of unnecessary data. This effort can curb storage growth, dramatically lower IT and legal costs, and lower the organization’s risk profile systemically.

IBM Archiving

Value-based archiving helps IT and the business coordinate to:archive email files, application data, and social content based on its business value; govern structured and unstructured archives with unified policy management and automation; retain, hold and dispose of archived content efficiently; de-duplicate and compress data to reduce storage space and cost.


IBM eDiscovery

Rigorous and efficient ediscovery helps legal departments issue and automate legal holds with precision across data sources collect, cull and assess evidence and control costs and managecustodians, collections and data source obligations in concert with IT


IBM Records and retention management

Helps records and information management (RIM) manage global taxonomy and retention schedules for all information; coordinate retention program across business units, records liaisons and legal more efficiently; manage records in disparate systems, in place, in a centralized manner; syndicate and enforce retention schedules on structured and unstructured records and information


IBM Defensible Disposal

The IBM defensible disposal solution helps organizations reduce run rate storage costs and legal expenses while also reducing risk.

IBM CommonStore

IBM® CommonStore solutions archive and manage email to improve storage management and assist with compliance mandates. Email archiving controls content and reduces risk while keeping unnecessary costs down.


IBM Content Collector

Email has long been the corporate communications tool of choice but today there are new business applications generating valuable content. Your archiving solution must keep pace because with new tools come familiar problems. Content created in social collaboration environments carries the same costs, risks and governance responsibilities as content created in more traditional tools.



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