NetMail PST Management

Like email, PST files contain business-critical information, however the increasing need for organizations to retain, search for, and retrieve enterprise email can be undermined by the local use of PST files. Having PST files stored locally on end-user computers makes it impossible to store, find, and manage the information. Netmail PST Radar is a PST management tool integrated with Netmail Archive that is designed to alleviate the headaches caused by PST files. With Netmail PST Radar and Netmail Archive, administrators can scan, detect, and import existing PST files into Netmail Archive.

Centralized PST Management

PST files stored locally on end user computers pose a serious compliance risk for many organizations. Netmail PST Radar is a discovery tool used for managing PST files created by Microsoft Outlook. It can detect, back up, archive, compress, and manage PST files stored on any or all computers, laptops, and file servers within your organization from a single, centralized administration console. Through its integration with Netmail Archive, it helps organizations scan, detect, and import existing PST files into Netmail Archive to ensure that they stay compliant with the requirements placed upon them. 


  • AUDIT EXISTING PST FILES. Advanced search and display capabilities allows you to run a complete audit of PST files located within your organization and to locate orphaned, unused, or duplicate files. All existing PST files can be reliably and quickly detected, as well as remotely processed, even when Outlook is being used on remote workstations.
  • ADVANCED REPORTING. The easy-to-use Report Center allows you to generate multiple graphic reports on PST files. Reports can be exported and printed in various formats including PDF, HTML, and CSV.
  • FACILITATES EDISCOVERY. Allows you to search PST data in an indexed centralized location using Netmail Search, our advanced eDiscovery tool that features sub-second search results and refinements with guided navigation. By providing a single point of discovery that includes local user PST files, Netmail Search helps organizations provide more comprehensive searches that would be impossible if the search was limited to the Exchange information store alone.
  • REDUCES RISK ASSOCIATED WITH DATA LOSS. Lets you monitor, or even disable, the use of PST files to help mitigate the risks associated with the very portable nature of PST files.
  • RESTORE LOST PST FILES. Allows you to restore backed up PST files to an end-user's workstation in the event the computer has been lost, stolen or experienced a hardware crash. Netmail PST Radar can search through backup folders for an end user's Outlook profile and restore PST files to that profile.


Policy-Based Email Archiving, Retention, and Deletion

Through its integration with Netmail Archive, Netmail PST Radar helps organizations create rules to monitor their Exchange email system.

  • Allows administrators to create archive policies and retention rules to enforce acceptable usage policies.
  • Centralizes information and provides a single point to manage and administrate all email archiving and retention.
  • Gives end users access to archived messages through Outlook.

Regulatory Compliance

Netmail PST Radar helps organizations meet mandatory requirements regarding what data must be retained, how it should be retained, and for how long.

  • Captures data from local PST files to ensure that organizations can stay compliant with regulations placed upon them.
  • Provides a single point of discovery that includes PST files.
  • Integration with Netmail Search allows for advanced search features, guided navigation, and more.

Lower Storage Cost and Requirements

With Netmail PST Radar, organizations can dramatically reduce storage costs and requirements.

  • Locates and moves large numbers of PST files into the archive.
  • Re-introduces single-instance storage.
  • Reduces storage demand on desktops and servers.


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