Netmail Store

Simple, Affordable, and Scalable Tiered Storage for Email

Innovative, intelligent, and cost-effective method for managing and storing the growing volume of email. The solution is built on third-generation content addressed storage (CAS) technology and can be used to manage and store email archives and attachments. Netmail Store is part of an integrated email management platform that addresses email compliance, security, archiving, and storage.

Netmail Store Benefits

Lower up-front acquisition costs

Netmail Store software runs on standard, commodity server hardware (x86 architecture) empowering you to select the hardware and vendor that delivers the best price and performance you want. Compared with other solutions, Netmail Store delivers lower, up-front acquisition costs.

Reduce the time you spend managing storage

Both active and archive content are managed in a single storage tier dramatically reducing the complexity associated with many storage solutions. Netmail Store automatically replicates, archives, and protects your archived content. You'll never have to provision or migrate data again.

Enjoy the flexibility that comes with changing your mind

Netmail Store does not lock you into a specific server vendor, giving you the flexibility to change vendors at any time. You can also mix server types and vendors within the same cluster if you want to. No need for a forklift transition. Simply phase out those servers and replace them. Netmail Store takes take care of the rest automatically.

Reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency

Are finding ways to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs the kind of considerations that keep you up at night?  Netmail Store lets you seamlessly implement the latest green server offerings as they’re introduced to the market.

Simple to install

Boot a server with the Netmail Store USB thumb drive and in the time it takes to boot the server, you have a storage node. Simply boot additional server nodes to create a Netmail store cluster. No provisioning required and  minimal IP configuration.

Minimizes your overhead

Expand your cluster capacity at your own pace in as little as 1 Terabyte increments. Introducing additional capacity is as easy as booting a new server. What's more, performance and throughput is also improved with the processing power of each new node.

Netmail Store Features

Compatible with Netmail Secure and Netmail Archive

Available as an optional storage solution for both Netmail Secure and Netmail Archive.

  • Prevents storage duplication and enables you to better control the flow and management of email attachments, while driving down the cost of storage and data management in Netmail Secure.
  • Can be used with Netmail Archive to provide primary or secondary storage for archived data, such as email messages and email attachments.

High Performing

Add more storage capacity by simply adding a new node to your Netmail Store cluster. Adding a node does not decrease performance. In fact, performance improves with each additional node.

  • Eliminates the need for costly deployment of additional storage.
  • Offers unbeatable performance, even as you expand your cluster.
  • Expand cluster capacity as your business grows in as little as 1 Terabyte increments.
  • Introduce additional capacity as easily as booting a new server.
  • Improve performance and throughput with the processing power of each new node.

Hardware Agnostic

Netmail Store is software-only content addressed storage (CAS) that can be installed on any x86 based architecture.

  • Reduces IT costs by allowing you to choose the hardware that best suits your budget.
  • Eliminates hardware lock-in.

Easy to Install

Easily installed by simply booting a server with the USB thumb drive.

  • Add additional server nodes to create a Netmail Store cluster.
  • No provisioning required with minimal IP configuration.
  • Spares you the time and energy usually needed to install a new storage solution.

Self-Healing and Self-Managing

Automatically balances its nodes, and in the event of a node failure, it replicates the content of the failed node to a healthy node.

  • Offers optimal performance through load balancing.
  • Keeps your data constantly available, even in the event of a node failure.

Automatic Replication

When new data is stored to Netmail Store, multiple replicas are automatically created.

  • Automates data backup, mitigating data loss and unavailability.
  • Eliminates the need for a second storage solution for backup purposes.

Unified Administration Console

The new Unified Administration Console amplifies the benefits of our email security, archiving, and storage solutions by delivering them in an integrated email management platform that you can configure from a central, web-based administration console. Simply log in to the Netmail Administration Console, and use your mouse to manage your Netmail Store cluster.

Unlimited Storage

Provides the performance of primary storage for email messages and attachments with no limits on quantity or capacity.

Cluster Services Nodes

Streamlines the installation, configuration, and management of Netmail Store. You can now use a single console for initial deployment, monitoring, management, and upgrades.

Content Router

Securely automates the distribution of data between your Netmail Store clusters.

Simplified Deployment

Includes a much simpler deployment package to make managing configuration, licenses, and day-to-day operations much easier.


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