Netmail Secure

Email Security, Data Leak Prevention, and Encyption

Policy-based email security solution that integrates leading anti-spam, anti-malware, content filtering, data leak prevention, and encryption. Secure provides any size organization with total protection to stop inbound and outbound email threats from impacting the organization and compromising security. Netmail Secure is part of an integrated email management platform that addresses email compliance, security, archiving, and storage.

Netmail Secure Benefits

Control email storage growth at the gateway

Don’t let email attachments slow down your mail server. Netmail Secure helps you control the growth of email storage at the gateway by removing attachments from email messages and replacing the attachment with a URL in the body of the email. With smart attachment management, you’ll reduce your email storage requirements and improve mail server performance.

Go green and reduce your environmental footprint

Delivered as a software download, Netmail Secure is deployed on a virtual machine which means not only will you reduce your environmental footprint, you'll also be up and running in less than an hour.

Never update another virus signature again

With Netmail Secure, our multi-layered spam and virus engines are auto-updated with the latest and greatest filters in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the Virus Bulletin Benchmark and see how Netmail stacks up against the competitors. (Hint: Our spam catch rate was 99.87%.)

Empower your end users

Empower your end users and let them manage their own spam quarantines with Netmail Secure. Let them choose to manage their quarantine through regularly-sent email quarantine reports or via the web. Both methods feature one-click capabilities including release, report, delete, allow, block, and more. You can even let them create their own allow/block lists, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Show your boss what a good job you're going

Need to show your boss how many email messages containing viruses, spam, blocked attachments, or other filtered content are being stopped at the gateway? Or how good a job you’re doing protecting the organization’s messaging system? The Executive Reports feature of Netmail Secure allows you to send customized Executive Reports containing event information to anyone inside your organization. Executive Reports provide statistics for both incoming and outgoing messages and can be customized with specific information and content to suit the exact needs of the recipient—whether that recipient is another email admin, a member of the management staff, or your CEO.

Send encrypted email without needing a degree in cryptographic algorithms

Your end users shouldn't be required to understand cryptographic algorithms, or be required to make decisions about what to encrypt, and when, and for whom. Netmail SecureSend eliminates the complexity traditionally associated with email encryption technologies, and makes it easy to use and transparent to both senders and recipients.

Netmail Secure Features

Policy-Based Management

Features an intuitive Policy Engine to help you customize Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Content Filtering, and Attachment Blocking settings based on your requirements and departmental needs.

  • Mitigates email risks and facilitates deployment of policies to meet regulatory and security challenges.
  • Provides statistics about system performance, giving you a real-time view into the message flow as a measure for ROI.

Delivered as a Virtualized Appliance

Is delivered as a virtual appliance to help you manage email risks more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Reduces energy and IT costs.
  • Better hardware efficiency and utilization.
  • Improved availability, security, and manageability of all applications.

Application-Layer Clustering

Guarantees superior performance and scalability for improved application and data availability and simplified system management.

  • Enterprise-level performance with the necessary level of built-in fault tolerance to provide improved data availability and simplified management of rapidly growing systems.
  • Features extremely fast throughput for zero latency message processing.

Advanced Virus Technology

Provides multiple auto-updated virus engines to protect your messaging system from email-based security threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other malicious attacks that are constantly evolving.

  • Features pro-active threat analysis to detect and mitigate virus outbreaks faster than traditional signature-based solutions.
  • Provides 24/7 high-performance, layered, fully integrated virus protection at the gateway.
  • Unpacks archived email attachments without the need for any external programs.

Multi-Tiered Spam Engines

Provides multiple auto-updated spam engines that inspect the attributes of email messages and the unstructured content in the body of messages. Secure tests numerous connection-level data points, such as DNS and MX record verification, to deliver unrivalled accuracy with the lowest possible rate of false positives and protect you against the onslaught of image spam and PDF spam.

  • 100% configurable to provide enterprise-class organizations with the exact level of protection required.
  • Uses advanced pattern recognition and AI technologies, as well as heuristic filtering to accurately identify spam.
  • Unique content-agnostic technology detects and blocks spam in any language.

Content Filtering and Attachment Blocking

Allows administrators to configure policies to block attachments and filter content, preventing new types of viruses or unwanted email from entering the messaging and collaboration system.

  • Supports the use of keywords and RegEx to power custom filters & corporate footers for standardized email use.
  • Allows you to block unwanted file content and quickly deploy corporate policies.
  • Scans and quarantines inbound and outbound messages to meet compliance requirements.

Unified Administration Console

Amplifies the benefits of our email security, archiving, and storage solutions by delivering them in an integrated email management platform that you can configure from a central, web-based administration console. Simply log in to the Netmail Administration Console, and use your mouse to create customized email security policies, configure content filtering, review quarantined email, and much more—all from a single administration console.

New Policy-Based Email Encryption

Netmail SecureSend allows you to create, manage, and enforce email encryption policies to ensure the secure delivery of incoming and outgoing mail. Netmail SecureSend works transparently, allowing you to send encrypted email messages and attachments to anyone with an email address and to receive secure replies and attachments in return, even if those recipients do not have any existing encryption capabilities.

Improved Policy Management

Improved policy management capabilities make it even easier for you to review which policies are assigned to users, groups, and domains, and to quickly re-assign, remove, or override policies if necessary. The Content Filtering Policy has also been improved so that you can now apply multiple actions to messages, such as to BCC a message as well send a message to the quarantine.

Simplified Deployment

Includes a much simpler deployment wizard and smaller download package to help you get up and running in no time at all.

Enhanced Quarantine and Executive Reporting

Send as many Quarantine Reports as you want to on a daily basis, and give your executives a bird’s eye view of the organization’s day to day messaging activity with customizable Executive Reports.

Improved Routing

Includes a number of routing enhancements like the inclusion of routing tables and the ability to route to external domains.


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