IBM eDiscovery Solutions

Business information growth can overwhelm legal staff’s ability to manage the ediscovery process and control cost and risk. Manual tools and silo approaches don’t allow legal departments to effectively communicate preservation instructions to IT professionals and systems with custody of the data. Further, without an early understanding of case information and potential costs, legal departments can waste money reviewing information that could’ve been avoided. IBM ediscovery solutions bridge process gaps between legal departments and IT, extend the holds process beyond custodians to include information, and provides legal departments with insight into case information and costs to inform case strategy.
With IBM ediscovery, legal departments can:

  • issue and automate legal holds with precision across data sources
  • collect, cull, and assess evidence and control costs
  • manage custodians, collections, and data source obligations in concert with IT

The IBM ediscovery solution is an integral part of the Information Lifecycle Governance portfolio to govern and improve information economics. Only IBM brings legal departments, records management, IT, privacy, and business together to automate and instrument your defensible disposal program.

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

Enables attorneys, paralegals and discovery directors to manage a rigorous, defensible legal holds workflow


IBM Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management

Automates communication of discovery requirements and facts between IT and legal staff


IBM Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management

Allows attorneys and legal controllers to project future discovery costs to avoid expense deviations and improve negotiations with legal adversaries


IBM eDiscovery Manager

Helps IT users respond to discovery requests


IBM eDiscovery Analyzer

Helps legal professionals and litigation support specialists gain insight from case related data to improve case strategy. Reduces the data sent to process and review partners. Helps cut discovery costs

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