Autonomy Information Connectivity

Currently connecting to over 400 content repositories and supporting over 1,000 file formats, Autonomy is uniquely able to aggregate and index any form of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into a single index, regardless of where the file resides.

In today's enterprise environment where most users typically waste time searching in four or five repositories to arrive at an acceptable results list, Autonomy's extensive set of connectors enables a single point of search for all enterprise information (including rich media), saving organizations much time and money. With access to virtually every piece of content, IDOL provides a 360 degree view of an organization's data assets.



Autonomy IDOL Connectors

Currently connecting to over 400 content repositories and supporting over 1,000 file formats, Autonomy is uniquely able to aggregate and index any form of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into a single index, regardless of where the file resides.

"Autonomy's unique Meaning-Based platform enables organizations to seamlessly incorporate untapped resources, such as phone recordings and emails, into their corporate strategy and benefit from a single point of access to all of their information."
Keith Dawson, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Additionally Autonomy allows you to develop connectors to any obsolete or bespoke system no longer supported by other vendors, in addition to allowing you to develop connectors for your own future repositories. This ensures that your past investments are safeguarded whilst enabling you to adopt new systems confident in the knowledge that they will be fully supported by Autonomy. As Autonomy wholly owns all its software, including connectors, you will always be in the position where you can renew the license no matter what other changes occur in the broader software sector.

KeyView IDOL

Typically all enterprises will have a unique blend of databases, content management systems and off-the-shelf as well as custom applications. This leads to a wide variety of file formats and data types. Therefore it is not enough for a search technology to simply connect to the repositories through its connectors. Once connected, it must also have the proper filtering technology to extract content from the assortment of files that reside in the repositories.

Autonomy's IDOL and Verity's KeyView each supported hundreds of file formats prior to Autonomy's acquisition of Verity in 2005. The combination of the two products has since led to the emergence of Autonomy's KeyView IDOL as the definitive market leader in file filtering technology. Autonomy continues to uniquely invest significant R&D to the challenging problem of improving file filtering and transformation.

KeyView IDOL extracts text, metadata and other relevant properties from over 1,000 file formats on numerous platforms, leading to the indexing of the entire enterprise corpus within one single index. Not only does this include all popular word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation formats, but rich media data and files embedded within files, such as email attachments or embedded OLE objects, can also be extracted. Filters automatically recognize the file type being filtered and apply the appropriate filter without depending on unreliable filename extensions.

This ability to filter files is critical for any application leveraging unstructured information - a content form that dominates the enterprise landscape. It not only adds business value by expediting the retrieval process, but it also significantly reduces the business risks associated with information excess. Search is only as good as the places it looks, and if the search engine is not able to index all file types, it is bound to miss critically relevant information. This flaw is vitally unacceptable (and costly) in today's litigious environment. Since Autonomy indexes all enterprise content through its extensive set of connectors and filtering technology, its search is uniquely FRCP-compliant.

KeyView IDOL not only extracts text and metadata, but also preserves and intelligently processes all object rules, business intelligence and complex metadata relationships that reside in business applications. KeyView IDOL analyzes relationships between business objects to intelligently propose related actions alongside the result list. Many of these applications, including CRMs, BIs, ERPs and ECMs, entrust KeyView IDOL to manage their complex business logic embedded in their systems.

Furthermore, KeyView IDOL enables high-fidelity viewing, highlighting, and printing capabilities, as well as HTML file format emulation. Users can instantly view files and forgo the tedious installation of proprietary software for every respective format.

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