Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

What is synthetic monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring (or “availability monitoring”) is website monitoring that relies on web-browser emulation and scripted recordings to simulate user interactions with your web application. Dynatrace clickpath web checks simulate the real-world customer interactions and business transactions that are most critically important to the success of your business.

Web checks are run at regular intervals to provide 24/7 visibility into your application’s:

  • Functionality
  • Availability
  • Response times

Synthetic monitoring enables you to identify problems and determine when your website or application are slow or out of service—alerting you before problems affect your customers. Because synthetic monitoring doesn’t require actual web traffic to generate sufficient metrics, it enables you to test your web applications 24x7. Synthetic monitoring is a great complement to passive monitoring (such as real user monitoring), providing visibility into application health even during off-peak hours when traffic levels are low.

Synthetic monitoring provides all the information you need to understand your service levels, system availability, and the availability of key business transactions. Dynatrace is delivered as a service (SaaS). You only pay for the monitoring and analysis you need to keep your applications and services running smoothly—and your customers happy.

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Simulate business-critical customer journeys

Using our unique web-based recorder, you can easily click through and record the business-critical transactions that are most important to your business and customers.

  • Monitor critical workflows without scripting, using a simple web-based recorder.
  • Play back scripted transactions, including all the screen, keyboard, and mouse interactions that your real users perform.
  • Capture business transactions and run them from real browsers—over 5,000 mobile device profiles are available.

Stay on top with competitive benchmarking

Benchmark your site’s performance directly against your competition to know exactly where you stand.

  • Optimize your performance with techniques used by industry leaders to achieve superior results.
  • Benchmark your site’s performance against the competition’s key pages and transactions in real time. Then view the mobile and website performance benchmarks for your industry.
  • Compare application performance from the end-user perspective using last mile and mobile benchmarks.

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Manage CDN and third-party performance

Take advantage of the collective intelligence powered by our 1.5 billion daily performance measurements. Baseline providers and identify superior alternatives.

  • Ensure SLA compliance between IT, business stakeholders, and third parties.
  • Gather response time and availability by third-party object or host.
  • Quantify the benefits that different CDNs provide in your key geographies.



Proactive problem analysis

Dynatrace automatically compares current response-time metrics with historical metrics and alerts you immediately when performance levels drop.

  • Reduce your hours of manual troubleshooting down to seconds by analyzing hundreds of test executions, thousands of objects, millions of dependencies, and billions of events in seconds.
  • Rank problems by importance—problems that impact service quality appear at the top of the list.
  • Integrate with Slack, VictorOps, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and more. Dynatrace is ChatOps and ITSM friendly!


Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring capabilities

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