Mobile App Monitoring

The only 100% cloud-based mobile application monitoring solution to continually check the performance and availability of your mobile app on real smartphones and tablets over real carrier networks, 24/7.

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App Performance

Stop flying blind to your mobile app performance. With Keynote, you can conduct mobile app monitoring that checks for reliability pre-release, in production, competitively, and to ensure SLA compliance.

  • Device control

    Device control

    Keynote uses real mobile devices and live wireless carrier connections to continuously interact with apps 24/7, exactly like a customer does in the real world. Delivered 100% as a cloud-based service, Keynote is the fastest and easiest way to accurately understand mobile app performance and availability.
  • Interaction control

    Interaction control

    Using Keynote’s patented DeviceAnywhere Direct-to-Device® interaction technology, you can quickly record app journeys and modify them with point-and-click ease. Gestures, accelerometer events… anything you can do on a device, you can do with Keynote. Powerful object-level interactions mean fewer monitoring script changes. Plus, you can share scripts with colleagues—including Development and QA—to support more agile processes across your organization. Complete Visibility
  • Multi-screen visibility

    Multi-screen visibility

    Keynote Mobile App Monitoring and Keynote Web Monitoring are integrated to deliver a complete view into end user experience across all your key customer touchpoints: apps and web, desktop and mobile, inside and outside the firewall. You get everything in one place, in a powerful analysis environment. Compare, contrast and correlate trends with ease.
  • Interactive troubleshooting

    Interactive troubleshooting

    Access devices on the Keynote global network for interactive test use, remotely interacting with them from your desktop as if the devices are in your hand. With interactive testing you can explore whether errors in the “straight line” of your monitoring transaction are replicable in other app functionality. And you can save screenshots along with a full video capture of your session.

    Speed & Flexibility

    Keynote Mobile App Monitoring is fast and flexible. It is easy to get started and even easier to expand the capabilities of mobile monitoring.

    • Global network

      Global network

      Your mobile and Internet business strategy is only as strong as the data that drives it. That's why all Keynote public services run on the industry's broadest, purpose-built global test and monitoring network comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 locations around the world.
    • Flexible implementation

      Flexible implementation

      Whether you use our network's on-demand devices or need private instances, Keynote gives you the ability to flexibly deploy implementation. Once your requirements and strategy are defined, we'll work with you on the most cost-effective mix of our implementation options to meet your mobile application monitoring needs.
    • Rapid time-to-measurement

      Rapid time-to-measurement

      Once you script the app interactions you would like Keynote Mobile App Monitoring to measure, it’s ready to deliver data. Just login and analyze performance—without having to manipulate any app code. As soon as a new release of the app is installed on the Keynote network, you can begin trending end user experience from around the world—even before customers download it from app marketplaces.
    • Extensibility


      Keynote Mobile App Monitoring is ready to go, right from the cloud. And you can get even more value by building it into your processes and connecting it with other systems. Whether you want issues instantly assigned in your enterprise service desk, or develop custom apps against our elegant RESTful API, Keynote makes it easy to unleash your monitoring data.


      Instantly identify issues with your mobile app—find root cause, identify patterns, and understand the impact on your operations.

      • Dashboards


        Keynote Mobile App Monitoring sends you immediate alerts regarding availability and response issues, along with the information you need to take action. Timing data for each step in your transaction, along with full screenshots, helps you quickly understand where performance issues are impacting user experience.
      • Visualizer


        A visualization tool enables you to quickly explore your data and preserve useful views for ongoing reference. This easy-to-use graphing interface allows you to create and save performance visualizations. Compare, analyze, and understand the most accurate and reliable performance data. Correlate data from active tests with real user (RUM) activity, and between mobile app, mobile web, and desktop web.
      • Intelligent Graphing

        Intelligent Graphing

        Keynote’s analytics platform is purpose-built for identifying issues and delivering performance insights. Visualizations include: Scatterplot, Time History, Histogram, and Bar Chart. Select from dozens of performance values including user experience metrics such as Time to Interactive Page and network metrics like Time to First Byte, using multiple calculations (percentiles, geo mean, etc).
      • Waterfall Reports

        Waterfall Reports

        At the heart of each and every Keynote measurement is a waterfall report. Drill down into the measurement details and gain understanding about the exact locations of performance bottlenecks. You will also benefit from the years of expert performance knowledge of the Keynote Analytics consulting team as they give insightful Health Score ratings to site measurements. You can even download waterfall tables as an HTTP Archive (HAR file) to analyze the performance data in external applications.
      • Alarms


        Make sure you are always aware of performance issues as they arise with a flexible alerting engine: Create alarms for any transaction or web page, against any metric measured, and by any measurement attribute (such as geography). Define multiple levels of severity based on the thresholds you determine. Create dynamic baselines that self-adjust on a rolling basis. Assign thresholds to these baselines, so alarms automatically tighten as performance improves over time.


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