Keynote Scorecards

Keynote Scorecards comprehensively measure and comparatively rank the customer-facing digital capabilities and best practices of leading financial services providers.



Keynote Scorecards are fact-based, comparative peer benchmarks measuring customer-facing digital delivery through desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The annual and semi-annual Scorecards are designed to help financial services companies identify strengths and opportunities in digitally acquiring and servicing customers, roadmap development initiatives and track how they rank relative to industry peers.


Keynote publishes scorecards on the most important online sectors of the financial services industry. Published twice yearly:
  • Banker
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Insurance
Published once yearly:
  • Small Business Banking
  • Mortgage


Keynote Scorecards use a comprehensive slate of approximately 200 – 400 objective criteria reflecting digital best practices to measure how well peer providers facilitate the completion of key user tasks in four categories of digital delivery:
  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Privacy & Security
  • Quality & Availability


Learn how your online experience performs compared to your peers and get actionable recommendations to surpass the competition. Keynote Competitive Assessments are custom studies that evaluate your site against your competitors. We use a tested methodology that measures and compares key performance metrics on your site and your competition. This data is then analyzed to provide you detailed recommendations for how you can improve and to understand the best practices being used by top sites. With a Private Competitive Assessment you will:
  • Know exactly how your website or app ranks amongst competitors with respect to performance, render, design and third party usage and quality.
  • Improve your competitive position with accurate, reliable, and unbiased data and actionable recommendations
  • Understand what technology and techniques are being used by your competition to gain an edge
  • Set goals for your site based on what is standard in your specific industry or competitive set
  • Receive detailed and prioritized recommendations from a trusted and well-recognized third party that you can use to back up your decisions

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