Real user monitoring

Keep all your customers satisfied

See how real users experience your web and mobile apps. With Dynatrace real user monitoring, every customer visit can be tracked end-to-end.

  • Assess the satisfaction of each of your customers in real-time.
  • Identify user behavior patterns quickly, anticipate trends, and respond fast.
  • Analyze the problems of individual users as well as general problems on specific web pages.

Get a complete view of your customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

 See the full picture across all channels

Gain a complete overview of your web and mobile websites, native/hybrid apps—performance, usage analytics, and crash reports—all in one place.

  • Track web and mobile apps end-to-end to identify performance hotspots.
  • Real user monitoring enables tracking of the user interface, third-party content providers, backend services (down to code level), and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Compare customer journeys on web, native-mobile, and hybrid-mobile applications to better understand user behavior and customer experience.

Identify and resolve technical issues proactively

Dynatrace monitors the activity of all your mobile and web application users—across all devices and browsers—analyzing the data in real-time to ensure efficient error handling.

  • View JavaScript error messages, know the user actions that triggered them, and view the stack traces.
  • Reduce the number of errors in your mobile apps.
  • Start optimizing for time-to-first-byte, DOM-interactive, or full page load.

Excel in customer complaint resolution

All user click-paths are captured as sessions and aggregated for behavior analysis and fast complaint resolution.

  • Replay individual customer transactions for rapid problem handling.
  • Pinpoint issues and drill down to their root-causes.
  • Proactively contact customers when things go wrong and prevent poor app ratings.

Drill down into any customer journey.

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Deliver relevant business insights

Correlate your operational variables directly with business transactions like orders, downloads, and searches. Dynatrace shows the real-time impact of your site’s performance on business outcomes.

  • Dynatrace auto-detects all web requests and third party calls and correlates them with corresponding user actions.
  • Understand technical requests in the context of your business objectives, such as orders, downloads, views, searches, and more.
  • Visualize the impact of slow performance on site usage and revenue flow, minute-by-minute, in real-time, in production.

See into your Single Page Application (SPA)

Modern frameworks like Angular, React, Backbone, and Ember are changing how the web works. Past emphasis on page load metrics has been replaced with emphasis on user action metrics.

  • Out of the box, Dynatrace delivers insights into all users actions.
  • Know which XHR requests are slow. View segmentation analysis based on device type, network, and server performance with grouping options for geolocations, ISPs, browsers, and more.
  • Eliminate up to 70% of user experience blind spots with support for JavaScript frameworks, Flash, and Silverlight.


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Ensure availability and performance with synthetic web checks

Combine real user monitoring with synthetic monitoring to consistently deliver exceptional performance and availability. Proactively monitor your web and mobile applications from tens of thousands of locations.

  • Visualize synthetic monitoring and real user experience KPIs side by side while managing SLAs.
  • Determine the impact of third party content providers and CDNs.
  • Dynatrace is the only solution that automatically detects and groups thousands of third party providers.

You probably depend on more third party providers than you realize.

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