IBM System z (Mainframe) monitoring

Application Performance Management for IBM System z

  • See how teams have visibility across all systems and tiers, including end-to-end view for EACH transaction starting with an end-user on their mobile device
  • Quickly trace every transaction — end-to-end — through messaging services and database interactions, opening up what was previously a black box
  • Unite distributed and mainframe teams to achieve unparalleled MIPS management and speedy problem resolution — from the edge of the internet to the depth of the mainframe!
    Trace every transaction end to end.

Industry mainframe skills becoming scarce? Continue to manage complex applications easily!

  • Out of the box ability to see and understand transactions at the mainframe level
  • Bring mainframe and distributed teams together with one view
  • Quickly introduce outside or new stakeholders to mainframe visibility as needed

Mainframe Performance Management

Tune your mainframe in great new ways when implementing any new app!

  • Understand how many transactions are being executed and determine what transactions you need and how many SQL calls they are making
  • Lower overhead by understanding the details. Do you use multi-row or single-row fetch statements? The difference can create 20-40% more overhead
  • Tune the most frequently used, most business critical transactions and associated SQL as it saves you money and improves performance

Get detailed information about everything the application is doing in the mainframe..

 IBM’s new Mobile Workload Pricing reduces mobile transaction costs on mainframe by 60%!

  • Exploit IBM’s Mobile Workload Reporting Tool (MWRT) to reduce the price you pay (lower monthly R4HA)
  • Easily separate mobile workload from the rest of the work load using CICS and IMS agents
  • As mobile workload grows, Dynatrace 24x7 “always on” transaction tracing and accounting collects all the data you need to lower IBM pricing.

Get detailed information about everything the application is doing in the mainframe..

Reducing troubleshooting to over 80% while managing performance.

  • In addition to supporting CICS, IMS and Java, agents give you detailed information about everything the application is doing in the mainframe.
  • Review detailed breakdowns of every step involved from mobile to mainframe.
  • Troubleshoot performance problems quickly.

  • Trace every user journey, end-to-end, and have the complete information to solve problems proactively and maintain customer satisfaction across your business.

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