Load testing

Realistic end-to-end performance testing, delivered your way

Unique 360° view of performance

Finding bottlenecks that affect customer experience is one thing, but understanding the root cause is something else entirely—especially in a complex environment of rapidly developed code, third-party services and infrastructure beyond your control.

  • Go beyond finding problems to proactively fixing them
  • See more than just response time—get the details on actual end-user experiences and issues down to line of code
  • Get the fastest time from test to root cause

 Unique 360 view of performance

Dynatrace Load Insights

Flawless performance under the heaviest demands is an art and a science. Dynatrace Load Insights combines both in an immediate testing solution for holiday readiness or launch confidence. We do the planning and execution with you and provide expert analysis. You get detailed reports showing what you need to do to be ready. Our consultants average ten years of proven experience in performance testing and understand how to design the right realistic tests for you. Always be sure that the right questions have been asked and the right tests run.

Dynatrace Load Insights

Dynatrace Load Insights 360

Add Dynatrace Load Insights 360 to either Dynatrace Load or Dynatrace Load Insights for application-to-code-level visibility with Dynatrace Application Monitoring technology.

Dynatrace Load Insights 360

Dynatrace Load

It’s easy to get everything you need. Dynatrace Load is available as a complete offering, with options that include managed services (Dynatrace Load Insights) and deep application performance analytics (Dynatrace Load Insights 360). Start with the Dynatrace Load 12-month, test-a-day subscription for on-demand, cloud-based load generation with sufficient locations to support content delivery network (CDN) validation where needed. Add Dynatrace Load to your build automation for continuous performance management, with the flexibility of SaaS delivery.

Dynatrace load testing

nstant access to a global network of virtual users

Load testing should be as close to the real thing as possible. Dynatrace Load is the industry standard.


  • Scalability of more than 1 million concurrent users
  • Exclusive visitor behavior modeling technology simulates unique users, each reacting dynamically to conditions they encounter throughout the test
  • Instant, on-demand virtual user load generation from the BlazeMeter cloud, across nine worldwide geographies
  • CDN-friendly–compliant with Akamai

Instant access to a global network of virtual users

A modern and open-source platform

It’s a serious problem. The faster you deliver apps to market without performance testing, the riskier and costlier your peak demand failures will be. High-priced proprietary vendor tools don’t measure up to today’s DevOps teams who integrate open-source solutions. On their own, open-source technologies like JMeter and Selenium don’t have the scalability and deep diagnostics capabilities you need for bulletproof applications. Dynatrace Load is your answer.

  • Includes BlazeMeter technology designed for developers and test practitioners—run tests written in JMeter, Selenium, Python, Ruby and more
  • Extensible into popular Continuous Integration and Delivery automation

A modern and open source platform

Self-service with virtually unlimited testing

Subscribe to Dynatrace Load for one simple price. Test the way you develop, build and deploy every day.

  • 365 tests per year
  • Cloud costs and sandbox testing included

Self-service with virtually unlimited testing

Best-of-breed managed testing

Dynatrace Load Insights keeps you ready before releases and major launches. Strengthen your resources and capabilities with a managed-service approach for test design, delivery, interpretation, and performance optimization.

  • Expertise, intelligence and analysis from consultants with an average of ten years of proven experience in performance testing
  • Unique user-centric, realistic testing methodologies

Best of breed managed testing

Mobile ready

In today’s on-demand world, a mere 250 milliseconds of delay in responsiveness can cost more than you might think. Mobile usage is skyrocketing: nine in ten millennials have smartphones and spend twice as much time on mobile than desktop. Failures during high-demand times put your brand at risk. Dynatrace Load gives you:

  • Load testing the web, emulating desktop, smartphones and tablets

Mobile ready

Confidence delivered

Dynatrace experts and technology take the uncertainty out of major launches and events. We deliver the confidence you need to keep your focus on developing and delivering a world-class digital experience. Our web load testing supports:

  • Streaming technologies (video, music)
  • Cloud services, mobile services and APIs
  • Content delivery networks (CDN)—Akamai approved partner

Confidence delivered

Efficient test coverage

When you know how your real users interact with your web and mobile applications, you can efficiently and effectively script performance tests. The detailed insight you get with Dynatrace User Experience Management identifies high-priority and low-priority paths, as well as data patterns you can use to design quality web load tests. Combine real user monitoring (RUM) with Dynatrace Load for more realistic performance testing.

Efficient test coverage

Script, your way

Load testing begins with the creation of an accurate and realistic test script. JMeter is a comprehensive platform to accurately simulate virtual user activity. To help kick start the process, you also get a browser-based recorder to help you generate scripts that can be run as-is, or customized and extended further within JMeter.

Script your way

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