WatchGuard Security Bundle

One solution, one license, one great price

WatchGuard makes it easier than ever to bring complete threat management to your network, bundling everything you need for robust, multi-layered security in one convenient package. With one purchase you will have a powerful solution, protecting against viruses, worms, bots, spyware, spam, trojans, web-based exploits, and blended threats.

What’s Inside? overhead
Say goodbye to multiple POs, multiple policies, multiple configurations and working with multiple vendors. With WatchGuard everything is handled through one license and one box. Period. license key
One license key does it all. It's easy to activate your appliance and all the features that come with it right out of the box. support contract
A single support contract covers all aspects of your network security profile. That means you only have to remember one phone number to call and one website to visit when you need a hand. great value
You'll notice right away the money you're saving with an all-in-one solution from WatchGuard.