Autonomy Document Generator

Autonomy Document Generator provides business users the tools they need to easily compose and update document templates in the familiar Microsoft Word environment.  Rapid, flexible and reliable template creation streamlines the generation of documents, while also providing complete control, audit trail visibility and clause re-use.

Template creation and changes are easily implemented and applied without reliance on the IT department or expensive technical resources.  Template Manager integrates with traditional template formats, thereby allowing easy adoption without disruptive changes to existing documentation.

Autonomy Document Generator and Template Manager authorize users to rapidly edit, assemble and manage highly, complex trade documents without tedious effort.

Product Features

  • Common Platform - Seamless communication between document management and workflow provides complete template management, document generation and contract management
  • Terms Library - Stores commonly used phrases, paragraphs, clauses and sub templates
  • Logic Builder - Easily builds simple or complex logic into any template without involving developers or IT
  • Conversion - Quickly transforms existing Microsoft Word documents into Template Manager forms
  • Reuse - Applies meaning-based search and reuse of existing similar clauses from previously executed contracts

Product Benefits

  • Lower TCO - Empowers business users by reducing IT involvement and costs
  • Impact Analysis - Automatically identifies impact of template changes to speed update time
  • Minimal Training - Fully integrates with Microsoft Word environment and minimizes training
  • Consistent Compliance - Reuses standard, approved language –allowing corporate legal resources to focus on higher value tasks
  • Reduced Risk - Minimizes exposure to non-standardized terms in business agreements
  • Standardize Language - Uncovers related and redundant clauses across all business agreements

Product Differentiators

  • Automation - Automatically routes document template edits for approval
  • Understanding Meaning - Optimizes reuse of existing agreement content with conceptual search
  • Validation - Performs template logic testing and validation to eliminate errors
  • Impact Analysis - Analyzes template changes to determine the impact on all other templates and unsigned agreements
  • Visibility - Displays Full Template Hierarchy to ensure complex documentation needs or audits are met

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