Gomez (Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring)

Compuware Gomez is the software as a service (SaaS) suite of solutions in the Compuware APM platform. It is used to optimize the performance and availability of your web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Gomez is the only SaaS APM solution that integrates real-user and synthetic monitoring, providing unparalleled insight into end-user experience. With Compuware Gomez, you can: 

  • measure performance across all users, locations, browsers, devices and transactions 
  • pinpoint scalability and performance problems down to the line of code 
  • rapidly isolate, prioritize, diagnose and resolve performance problems from user click to code line 
  • protect online revenue, maximize conversions and ensure end users are satisfied with performance.

Gomez Resources:

Key Gomez Capabilities

Monitor performance globally without ever leaving your seat

Test from where your customers really are, by emulating real user behavior from your key geographies around the world.

  • Tens of thousands of end-user PCs, in 168 countries, available to run your tests
  • 150 backbone nodes
  • 70+ 3G and 4G carrier networks

Problem Analyzer: your expert in a box

  • Takes hours of manual troubleshooting down to seconds with our breakthrough analytics engine.
  • Analyzes hundreds of tests executions and thousands of objects in seconds
  • Compiles and compares good versus poor application performance across several different known problem patterns
  • Ranks problems by importance, showing the ones most impacting your quality of service at the top.
  • Simple, intuitive interface: summarizes each problem and from which location they were observed

CDN and 3rd party outage analyzer – internet-wide collection intelligence

  • Automatically detects, identifies and monitors all hosts, 1st and 3rd parties
  • Gathers response time and availability by third-party object/host
  • Ensures SLA compliance between IT, business stakeholders and third parties
  • Quantifies the benefits that different CDNs provide in your key geographies

Leave the guesswork behind and replicate user experience

Ensure your key web, mobile, cloud and streaming pages and transactions perform properly from all user locations, all the time.

  • Play back scripted transactions, including all the screen, keyboard and mouse interactions that your real users would make.
  • Run tests from real-browsers, giving you the most accurate measure of application performance
  • Capture business transactions and run them from a selection of 5,000 mobile device profiles.
  • 150+ enterprise-grade servers running in data centers around the globe
  • Only Last Mile network including tens of thousands of testing locations in 168 countries
  • Generate high-volume load from multiple public cloud locations for the most realistic test of application performance

Top to bottom, object-level detail for your webpages

  • Measures application request timing inside AJAX, Flash, Flex and Silverlight applications
  • Measures object start-up, user play and re-buffering times for streaming applications
  • Adaptive streaming and quality of service streaming metrics Object charting provides analysis and trending for every single web component requested
  • Real-time alerts and object-level detail, including DNS, connect, SSL, first byte and content time by page object or host.

Know where you stand against the competition

  • Benchmark your site’s performance against the competition’s key pages and transactions
  • Compare application performance from the end-user perspective using Last Mile and mobile benchmarks
  • Analyze optimization techniques used by the best performers to achieve superior results
  • Google Page Speed integration

From user experience insight to code-level visibility

Seamlessly combine Synthetic Monitoring with Application Monitoring on a single platform to enable our patented PurePath Technology®. Drill-down into granular detail for instant root-cause isolation of performance bottlenecks. Capture timing and code-level context for all user-clicks, across all tiers, from app-to-backend.

Load Test: simulate holiday shopping in August

Simulate your next big event months beforehand. High volume, real-world load tests offer peace of mind when you need it most.

Understand business impact with real user monitoring integration

Dynatrace offers the most complete solution for your user experience-driven needs. In addition to proactively monitoring your web and mobile applications from across the globe, you can get deep insight into real user behavior and application performance, all in the same context. Quantify the impact of failing transactions with Real User Insight.

What Makes Compuware Gomez Unique?

Most comprehensive web, mobile, cloud and streaming performance monitoring

  • All users – all locations, all the time.
  • All applications - web, native mobile, mobile, cloud and streaming.
  • All browsers – never worry about browser versions again.
  • All devices – desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • All transactions – all user paths.

Only mobile web and native app APM

  • Measures real-user experience for web and native mobile applications across all browsers, devices, networks and locations.
  • Combines with synthetic mobile monitoring and web load testing for comprehensive mobile APM.
  • Ensures your mobile apps and sites are performing optimally.
  • Deepest understanding of all your mobile users and mobile business.
  • Increase user satisfaction, revenue and loyalty.

Only unified SaaS real-user and synthetic monitoring and performance testing solution

  • Backbone, Last Mile and Mobile synthetic monitoring to rapidly identify and resolve problems
  • Browser-based and mobile application real-user monitoring provides the only way to correlate performance with customer satisfaction and business impact
  • Only web load testing solution that combines high-volume, real-world load with deep, transaction-specific analytics to pinpoint scalability and performance problems down to the line of code
  • A single self-service SaaS portal; rapid time to value with the lowest total cost of ownership

Most accurate and actionable data, deep-dive diagnostics and alerts

  • Immediate and accurate alerts to quickly identify and resolve issues before users are impacted.
  • Troubleshoot with accuracy using detailed object-level, page, connection and host data.
  • Triage problem resolution by correlating performance with customer satisfaction and business impact.
  • Capture real-user interactions with Web 2.0 applications to find and solve problems that are undetectable with traditional monitoring approaches.
  • Integration with the patented PurePath Technology® provides drill-down to exact line of code accelerating problem resolution and MTTR.

Largest and Most Realistic Performance and Testing Network

  • 150,000+ backbone and Gomez Last Mile testing locations in 168+ countries and 2,500+ ISPs.
  • The only solution with complete coverage across real-world geographies, browsers and mobile devices.
  • Eliminate blind spots and detect problems fast.

Two-Minute Explainer: Gomez Web Performance Monitoring

Mobile and Website Performance Test

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