Compuware Gomez is the software as a service (SaaS) suite of solutions in the Compuware APM platform. It is used to optimize the performance and availability of your web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Gomez is the only SaaS APM solution that integrates real-user and synthetic monitoring, providing unparalleled insight into end-user experience. With Compuware Gomez, you can: 

  • measure performance across all users, locations, browsers, devices and transactions 
  • pinpoint scalability and performance problems down to the line of code 
  • rapidly isolate, prioritize, diagnose and resolve performance problems from user click to code line 
  • protect online revenue, maximize conversions and ensure end users are satisfied with performance.

What Makes Compuware Gomez Unique?

Most comprehensive web, mobile, cloud and streaming performance monitoring

  • All users – all locations, all the time.
  • All applications - web, native mobile, mobile, cloud and streaming.
  • All browsers – never worry about browser versions again.
  • All devices – desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • All transactions – all user paths.

Only mobile web and native app APM

  • Measures real-user experience for web and native mobile applications across all browsers, devices, networks and locations.
  • Combines with synthetic mobile monitoring and web load testing for comprehensive mobile APM.
  • Ensures your mobile apps and sites are performing optimally.
  • Deepest understanding of all your mobile users and mobile business.
  • Increase user satisfaction, revenue and loyalty.

Only unified SaaS real-user and synthetic monitoring and performance testing solution

  • Backbone, Last Mile and Mobile synthetic monitoring to rapidly identify and resolve problems
  • Browser-based and mobile application real-user monitoring provides the only way to correlate performance with customer satisfaction and business impact
  • Only web load testing solution that combines high-volume, real-world load with deep, transaction-specific analytics to pinpoint scalability and performance problems down to the line of code
  • A single self-service SaaS portal; rapid time to value with the lowest total cost of ownership

Most accurate and actionable data, deep-dive diagnostics and alerts

  • Immediate and accurate alerts to quickly identify and resolve issues before users are impacted.
  • Troubleshoot with accuracy using detailed object-level, page, connection and host data.
  • Triage problem resolution by correlating performance with customer satisfaction and business impact.
  • Capture real-user interactions with Web 2.0 applications to find and solve problems that are undetectable with traditional monitoring approaches.
  • Integration with the patented PurePath Technology® provides drill-down to exact line of code accelerating problem resolution and MTTR.

Largest and Most Realistic Performance and Testing Network

  • 150,000+ backbone and Gomez Last Mile testing locations in 168+ countries and 2,500+ ISPs.
  • The only solution with complete coverage across real-world geographies, browsers and mobile devices.
  • Eliminate blind spots and detect problems fast.

Two-Minute Explainer: Gomez Web Performance Monitoring

Compuware Gomez - SaaS

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  • Capabilities
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When to Use Compuware Gomez – SaaS

Compuware Gomez – part of the Compuware APM platform – is the industry leading software as a service (SaaS) solution for optimizing the performance and availability of web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Use Compuware Gomez to: 

  • optimize performance and business results for web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications – from the edge of the Internet, across all browsers, devices, operating systems, geographies, connection types and ISPs 
  • evaluate application performance for all user segments and the impact on business results such as conversions and abandonment 
  • accelerate problem resolution by rapidly identifying, prioritizing and diagnosing performance problems in preproduction and production environments 
  • web load test to ensure quality end-user experience and scalability when launching a new application or feature, launching marketing campaigns designed to increase traffic, deploying new infrastructure and prior to roll out in new geographic areas 
  • establish performance goals based on current baselines and competitive benchmarking.

Compuware Gomez – Capabilities

Delivered on-demand, Compuware Gomez does not require hardware installation or maintenance, enabling rapid time to value. Its key capabilities allow you to:

Customer Value


Optimize Performance for Your Web and Mobile Applications

  • Visibility into real-user application performance across all browsers, devices, operating systems, geographies, connection types and ISPs
  • Single platform for all your end-user monitoring needs
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Resolve issues before they impact users

Only SaaS solution with Real-User and Synthetic Monitoring for Web, Mobile, Streaming and Cloud Applications

  • Backbone, Last Mile and mobile synthetic monitoring
  • Browser-based and native mobile application real-user monitoring
  • Windows Media, Flash, Apple HLS, Silverlight and SHOUTcast streaming monitoring
  • Integrated with dynaTrace PurePath Technology® 

Test Performance from Where Your Customers Are

  • Ensure your key web, mobile, cloud and streaming pages and transactions perform properly
  • Measure performance in all locations, all the time
  • Generate high-volume load from multiple public cloud locations for the most realistic test of application scalability

The World’s Largest Performance Testing Network

  • 150+ enterprise-grade servers running in data centers around the globe
  • Only Last Mile network including 150K+ global testing locations in 168 countries
  • Industry’s largest synthetic mobile monitoring network
  • High-volume load generation from the cloud
  • Private agents to test from dedicated machines located anywhere inside or outside your network

Optimize Mobile Performance and Business Value

  • Ensure your app is high-performing
  • Ensures mobile sites and applications scale under peak traffic conditions
  • Deepest understanding of all your mobile users and mobile business
  • Increase user satisfaction, revenue and loyalty

Real User-Driven APM for Mobile Sites and Native Applications

  • Measures real-user experience for iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Combines with synthetic mobile monitoring for comprehensive mobile APM

Leverage the Cloud with Confidence

  • Ensure cloud providers and services meet performance and scalability requirements
  • Enjoy cloud benefits while maintaining application performance

Most Comprehensive Cloud APM Monitoring

  • Public: Azure, EC2, Rackspace etc.
  • Private: APM for the “inside” of your private cloud
  • Edge of the Internet, real-user and synthetic monitoring, and load testing
  • Cloud services: Ensure performance and SLA compliance

Single Click to Problem Identification

  • Rapidly find the root cause of performance problems down to the exact line of code
  • Detect issues in regional geographies and with specific customer segments, such as broadband or dial-up users
  • Optimize performance, reduce operational costs and protect revenues

Deepest Web and Mobile Application Visibility

  • Most reliable and flexible alerting
  • Most accurate and actionable data and diagnostics detail
  • Most detailed insights into real user segments
  • Each transaction traced from user click to code line
  • Data visualization with interactive and multi-dimensional charting with single-click drill-down to diagnostics

Aligns Business and Performance Goals

  • Ensure key customers can complete transactions and are satisfied with web and mobile performance
  • Instantly pinpoint problems that are impacting conversion rates
  • Quickly isolates performance problems by real user segments, across all browsers, devices, operating systems, geographies, connection types and ISPs
  • Triage problem resolution based on business impact

Correlate Performance with Customer Satisfaction and Business Impact

  • Correlates business metrics such as visits, visitors, abandonment and conversion with response time
  • Determines if customers are having a satisfying, tolerating or frustrating experience

Effectively Monitor the Most Complex Web Applications

  • Use the latest web technologies with confidence
  • Find and solve problems that are undetectable with traditional monitoring approaches

Captures User Experience for Web 2.0 Applications and Streaming Media

  • Measures application request timing inside AJAX, Flash, Flex and Silverlight applications
  • Measures object start-up, user play and re-buffering times for streaming applications
  • Adaptive streaming and quality of service streaming metrics

Ensure Third Parties Don’t Hurt Your Web Performance and Brand

  • Manage third parties using objective, stable and predictable performance measurements
  • Ensure SLA compliance between IT, business stakeholders and third parties
  • Make smart technology investments such as CDNs, virtualization and infrastructure changes

Most Comprehensive Third-party Performance Detail and Reporting

  • Gather response time and availability by third-party object/host
  • Quantify the benefits that different CDNs provide in your key geographies

Pinpoint Scalability and Performance Problems Down to the Line of Code

  • The most realistic test of application scalability in a real-world environment
  • Isolate root cause of problems easily by drilling down directly from load reports to the line of code
  • Provides a framework for collaboration which cuts time to problem resolution and eliminates friction between development operations, production and QA

Only Web Load Testing Solution that Combines High-volume, Real-world Load with Deep Transaction-specific Analytics

  • High-volume load generation from the cloud
  • End-user perspective from the global Gomez Last Mile network
  • Traces each transaction during a load test and correlates all diagnostic information into load test reports
  • Recorded PurePath sessions eliminate need to reproduce problems

Optimize Performance, Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Sales

  • Understand the performance levels necessary to increase market share and retain customers
  • Align IT and business stakeholders on improvement initiatives
  • Optimize performance based on best practices

Most Comprehensive Competitive Comparison of Performance

  • Benchmark your performance against the competition’s key pages and transactions down to object-level detail
  • Compare performance from the end-user perspective using Last Mile and mobile benchmarks
  • Analyze optimization techniques used by the best performers to achieve superior results
  • Google Page Speed integration

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Adapts to your changing business needs
  • Easily record multistep business processes and play it back across: multiple browsers, web and mobile applications including complex Web 2.0 page actions

Most Self-service Control and Flexibility

  • Gomez APM Portal: only single, integrated synthetic and real-user monitoring SaaS platform
  • Share measurements across all platform products
  • On-demand test creation, provisioning and usage

What Analysts and Customers and Are Saying

Gartner positions Compuware in the “Leaders” quadrant of the APM Magic Quadrant  “By adding Gomez’s software as a service delivery capability for application performance monitoring to its on-premises APM software, Compuware ensures that it will remain a competitive force in the overall APM market.”
— Gartner

“Compuware has set new standards in the cloud-based application monitoring market by offering the industry’s first end-to-end application monitoring solution.”
— Frost and Sullivan

“Compuware has invested heavily in cloud management technology… No other vendor received a higher score in this category.”
— Enterprise Management Associates

“Compuware’s web performance solutions and benchmarking capabilities play a vital role in helping us assess the impact of any infrastructure changes to end users, and validating decisions and investments.”
— Katie Grisko, Web Strategy Manager, Petco

“Employ continuous measurement and analysis to identify and correct performance bottlenecks.”
— Bob Kupbens, VP, eCommerce, Delta Airlines 

“Compuware helps us quickly determine the customer impact of performance issues and validate the effectiveness of problem resolution efforts.”
— Keith Kelly, VP of Web Technology, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

“At Photobucket, we take our members’ online experiences very seriously. We need to ensure our community members can upload, view and share their photos quickly and successfully every time, no matter how they access the web or which browser they use. To ensure we deliver on this promise, we measure our end users’ actual web experiences from within their browsers, as they visit and interact with our web pages. This helps us to rapidly detect performance issues in real time, to understand precisely which user segments are experiencing problems and to prioritize corrective actions. [Gomez User Experience Management] not only ensures that Photobucket successfully delivers millions of page views to its members, but also ensures the efficiency of our operations team.”
— Jim Goss, Vice President of Operations, Photobucket, an image hosting, free photo sharing and video sharing firm

“Delivering high-quality, consistent mobile email performance to our customers was a core requirement of our development team. The Gomez mobile solution validated our infrastructure investments and ensured that the speed and availability of our hosted Exchange email was consistently delivered to mobile users despite oversubscribed wireless networks.” 
 Joel Smith, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, AppRiver

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